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SVG food icons

A selection of SVG food icons

Animated SVG stroke-dasharray

Using jQuery I set various attributes on circles to random values. I have asked CSS to animate any change using transition. So using SVG, CSS3 transitions and jQuery some rather stunning animation effects are achieved. The first SVG was created using the OSX app Sketch, and this pen is actually just a step (a detour) towards another goal :-)

Codepen heart

the codepen heart effect with GSAP


Procedural Animated Gears See the full Fractal Gears experiment: http://brm.io/gears/ More of the source at: https://github.com/liabru/gears-d3-js Uses the awesome d3.js by @mbostock


Presentación para la portada de mi libro sobre SVG http://leanpub.com/scalable