Logo animation

At first, I made this in Illustrator, then rebuild it with HTML/CSS, and added some animations by feelings.

Material Design Color picker

This pen shows the power of the Framaterial design framework. It's a simple rgb color picker, that gives the hexadecimal value of it. Framaterial : https://github.com/LukyVj/Framaterial-design

Sass random animation

Even if it's only some small circles and squares, I can't stop looking at it, imagining that it's a small piece of a LED tv screen. While it's still not possible to produce huge cpu killer animation with a fluid rendering, I wish I (or someone else) could try to extend my concept to a full screen animation, to fake some water ripples. You can clearly see the direction the animation is taking, and I encourage you to play with the Width/Height value of the scroll div to see

Background-blend and Mix-blend modes

Experimenting with background-blend and mix-blend modes Note: browser support is spotty and chrome requires experimental flag.